Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Obvious research on dating

Here is a study by some academics who thought that they could end sexual harassment by stopping the socialization to be macho:
"We initially got started on this research thinking if we could identify men who tended to over-sexualize women, we could then interview them [to learn why] and stop sexual harassment on the job and date rape," said lead researcher Maurice J. Levesque, an associate professor of psychology at Elon University, in North Carolina.

"We wanted to see if basically the macho-type guy was the only one who did this," said Levesque, adding the study showed that wasn't the case.
They did an experiment that found that when a college boy meets a college girl and has a conversation, then he often rates her sexual interest as higher than she rates her own. "If he found her to be physically attractive, he would tend to rate her as sexier."

This is silly. The conclusions would be obvious to anyone who has not been brainwashed by academic feminism.

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