Saturday, July 29, 2006

Arrested for bra pinging

UK news:
Then, quietly, the 14-year-old daughter confessed that she had been involved in a silly squabble with a classmate. Remarks had been traded about bra sizes.

On impulse, the girl had 'pinged' her schoolmate's bra. She'd apologised, but now she felt deeply ashamed. Looking up from their dinner plates, her parents agreed. 'You'll have to go back to school tomorrow and apologise again,' said her mother firmly. And that, they thought, was the end of the matter. Instead, under circumstances which defy belief, this 14-year-old girl would find herself arrested and charged with committing a common assault of a sexual nature.

She was fingerprinted, subjected to DNA testing, bailed and finally hauled before magistrates at Huntingdon Youth Court.
After 7 months of court battles, the girl had to pay 20 pounds ($37).

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