Thursday, July 13, 2006

40% of teen abortions

The Si Valley paper editorializes:
The initiative would require parents to be notified 48 hours before their minor child had an abortion, unless the parents or a judge waived the requirement.

The need for a parental notification law is overstated. Studies show that more than three out of every five teens already tell their parents before deciding whether to have an abortion.
It is bragging about 3 out of 5?! The paper is against a Nov. ballot proposition because it says that the other 40% should be able to get abortions without notifying their parents.

The paper just convinced me to vote for the proposition.

The same paper has a story titled, Fisherman's Wharf shops fume over pot club. My print edition has the story on page 1A with the title, "Plans pit medicine against tourism". No, there is no conflict between medicine and tourists. The complaints is from business who don't want loitering potheads getting in the way.

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