Monday, March 06, 2006

Unpopular movies win

Oscar news:
One only has to look at the box office reciepts for 2005. Brokeback Mountain is 26th, Crash is 49th, Munich is 63rd, Good Night and Good Luck is 90th, Capote is 97th. Capote provided the Best Actor, Syriana, which was 58th, provided the best supporting actor, Constant Gardener, which was 79th, provided the best supporting actress. Only the best actress award, of the major awards, came from a movie that was moderately well recieved by the public, Walk the Line, which was 16th.
Crash was a mediocre movie. I have not seen the others, and I do not plan to. The highest grossing movie of the year did not win any awards.

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