Saturday, March 18, 2006

Decline of patriarchy and birthrates

Phillip Longman writes:
Patriarchy does not simply mean that men rule. Indeed, it is a particular value system that not only requires men to marry but to marry a woman of proper station. It competes with many other male visions of the good life, and for that reason alone is prone to come in cycles. Yet before it degenerates, it is a cultural regime that serves to keep birthrates high among the affluent, while also maximizing parents' investments in their children. No advanced civilization has yet learned how to endure without it.

Through a process of cultural evolution, societies that adopted this particular social system -- which involves far more than simple male domination -- maximized their population and therefore their power, whereas those that didn't were either overrun or absorbed. This cycle in human history may be obnoxious to the enlightened, but it is set to make a comeback.
More here.

Another article describes women who have given up dating, and just look for sperm donors. Some of these women have dated 100s of men looking for Mr. Right, but decided that none of them were good enough to marry. My hunch is that most of them are feminists with bad attitudes.

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