Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bonds deserves to break Aaron's record

The MSM attacks on Barry Bonds are unrelenting. Among the silly suggestions, some sportswriters are arguing that Bonds should retire before breaking Hank Aaron's home run record. They always praise Aaron for breaking Babe Ruth's record in the face of criticism.

Aaron never got 1% of the media criticism that Bonds has received. The press hates Bonds, and has always hated him. I hope Bonds breaks Aaron's record.

Bonds has been a much better baseball player than Aaron was. Barry Bonds won seven MVP awards and finished second in the voting twice; Hank Aaron only narrowly won one MVP.

George writes:
Bonds has admitted to getting the "cream" and the "clear"
from Balco. He got his records by cheating. Are you condoning that?
There was a criminal investigation of Balco. If Bonds committed some crime, then he can be charged and prosecuted. If he violated some MLB rule, then MLB can suspend him or apply whatever other punishment is applicable. None of that has happened.

While Bonds is suspected of using steroids, so are a lot of other hitters and pitchers. Somehow Bonds has done better than all those other suspected hitters. Maybe his records are all the more impressive if he got his home runs off of pitchers who were using steroids. If Bonds tests positive, then he should just get the same penalties as other players who test positive. Otherwise, he is innocent until proven guilty, and should get credit for what he has accomplished.

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