Sunday, September 18, 2005

Missing child found

John sends this story:
Alfonso McGee, a 2-year-old who was the subject of a missing-child alert issued Friday afternoon, was safely handed over to Alton police Friday evening, the police reported.

The alerts had said the boy was last seen with his mother, Latasha Ewing, who does not have custody of the child. The alert was issued when Ewing did not return the boy after a scheduled visit, police said.
and writes:
Friday afternoon KMOX broadcast an all points bulletin for this missing child, last seen with his own mother - and giving a description of her car! Isn't that ridiculous?
Yes it is. The public should not be bothered with a petty custody dispute. Many (if not most) of the missing kids on milk cartons are in the loving care of a parent. Maybe the parent is in violation of a court order, but it is very unlikely that the court had a fair hearing in the first, and impossible to know whether the child is in good hands or not.

The public should only be alerted in the case of a stranger kidnapping.

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