Friday, September 02, 2005

Duped dad's right to sue is upheld

New Jersey news:
A man who found out 30 years after his youngest child's birth that he was not the father had the right to sue the biological father for nearly $110,000, the cost of raising the child, an appeals court ruled yesterday. ...

In 1996, just before the son was to be wed, his mother, identified in the decision as B.E.C, told him who his real father was because she wanted him to know his biological father had two children with muscular dystrophy.

Three years later, she told her ex-husband, who has said he was dumfounded and shocked.
I think that paternity fraud should be a criminal offense. It is bad enough that the wife commits adultery, gets pregnant with another man's child, and deceives the husband and the child, but this woman went to court to force the man to pay child support for a child that was not his. No woman could do that by accident or with any positive motive. She should be in jail.

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