Sunday, September 04, 2005

Intolerant Santa Cruz

Laughing Bobby writes:
I just came across your blog while surfing, and thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know that I was not only grateful to find some reasonable reading amidst the crazed Internet seas, but that I must also commend you for your courage in upholding your decidely conservative values, seeing as you are from Santa Cruz. I have recently moved to the area from the East coast, and have never encountered such a bizarre community of radical left-wing know-it-alls.

It is generally not worth it in Santa Cruz to speak your mind if you are not toe-stepping to the liberal agenda. A Bush-Cheney sticker on your car will get it smashed, slashed, or keyed.

It is arguably, rather ironically, the singularly most intolerant place in the country. They preach values that are seriously inconsistent with their behavior. Nonetheless, keep up the good work!
Thanks. I agree that Santa Cruz is a singularly intolerant place. You are an outcast if you are not a dope-smoking vegan Bush-hater.

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