Thursday, August 04, 2005

Women having strippers is fun

I found this online:
I remember back in college when a female friend told me she was shocked and dismayed that a men's dorm (no greek system at this school) had hired strippers for a party (OFF campus). She told me it was demeaning and horrible, and she planned to go to the dean of students and demand an investigation, major punishment, expulsion, etc.

I reminded her of the fact that her own dorm had been entertained by a male stripper just a few months before (ON campus, in the dorm itself). She quickly shrugged that off, though. She told me this:

"It's different, though. Women having strippers is fun, like funny. For men it's all about power and rape."
Yeah, I know the type. Some women are fanatical consumers of pornography, but they get all offended if a man looks at porn.

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