Tuesday, August 23, 2005

California judges perceive no reason

The California supreme court has issued some new supremacist opinions promoting the gay agenda. The legislature has passed some radical new domestic partnership laws, but the new rulings go beyond them.

In one ruling, the court says (pdf opinion):
We perceive no reason why both parents of a child cannot be women. ...

The circumstance that Elisa has no genetic connection to the twins does not necessarily mean that she did not hold out the twins as her "natural" children under section 7611.
This is just being stubbornly closed-minded. There are reasons based on biology, law, culture, social science, and religion, and there are 1000s of years of history in which all civilized societies reached the opposite conclusion. For some judges to say that they "perceive no reason" is only to display willful ignorance.

I also think that it is a little strange that the court and the news media are concealing the last names of the lesbians. If they are really just regular parents, then why not disclose the names as they do in regular divorce cases? And if the kids are being harmed by having such kooky lesbian pseudo-parents, then shouldn't the court consider that when it gives its blessing to the arrangement?

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