Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Picky college girls

College girls can be picky about the men they date. A Cornell senior named Heather Grantham writes:
Unfortunately, in my experience, when something seems too good to be true, it pretty much always is. On our first date, Jackpot didn't tip. At all. From there, the disappointments just kept coming. Not long after, I was appalled to learn that Jackpot had made it into his late 20s without ever going down on a woman. That's right; this grown-ass man had never performed oral sex. He even dug his hole a little deeper by pronouncing the act "something you resort to when you can't please your woman in other ways."

Now, I hate to use poor Jackpot as the example for today's lesson, but guys, this is just utterly unacceptable. ...
At this point, I had a nasty little dilemma. I could stop answering his calls, but then I'd be seeing no one. I mean, which is worse: bad sex or no sex at all?
The article is funny (and off-putting). She suggests that Jackpot was a black man by using an assortment of racial stereotypes, but does not explicitly say so.

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