Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Blank Slate

Harvard prof. Steven Pinker discusses scientific evidence of sex differences, and says:
At some point in the history of the modern women's movement, the belief that men and women are psychologically indistinguishable became sacred. The reasons are understandable: Women really had been held back by bogus claims of essential differences. Now anyone who so much as raises the question of innate sex differences is seen as "not getting it" when it comes to equality between the sexes. The tragedy is that this mentality of taboo needlessly puts a laudable cause on a collision course with the findings of science and the spirit of free inquiry.
He wrote a thick book on The Blank Slate, even though much of it should be obvious to anyone but a feminist or a politically correct liberal. There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that the mind is not a blank slate at birth.

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