Friday, August 13, 2004

New Jersey gov. is out

People are praising New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey for giving a courageous and honest speech. Popular blogger Wonkette said that it was the best political speech of the year. But it was not.

McGreevey blamed his troubles on being born gay. He is not gay, he is bisexual, and he wasn't born that way. His political troubles stem from the fact that he promoted his adulterous lover to being homeland security chief of New Jersey, which endangered everyone because he was unqualified for the job. McGreevey apparently used his governor's office to pay blackmail. None of this was explained in his speech.

McGreevey hasn't resigned, either. He only announced that he will leave office on Nov. 15, after the elections, thereby robbing New Jersey citizens of a chance to determine their own governor. His speech was one of the most dishonest and irresponsible speeches I've heard in a long time.

Apparently McGreevey's Democratic allies knew about his homosexual affair and his official corruption, and covered up for him.

Update: As of Aug. 24, McGreevey still hasn't submitted a resignation letter. Maybe it was all a big publicity stunt.

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