Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Faber's friend tells all

Why the Kobe Bryant trial delay? CBS News says:
In a thorough review of court documents, CBS News pieced together the likely basis of the defense case. In October, under aggressive questioning by attorney Pamela Mackey, lead detective Doug Winters admitted that:
  • another man's semen was found on swabs taken from the woman's body.
  • pubic combings uncovered another man's body hair.
  • And that the young woman arrived at her rape exam wearing underwear containing semen that was not Bryant's.
In a later defense filing, Bryant attorney Hal Haddon argued that the soiled underwear "compellingly suggests" another sexual encounter after Bryant and before the rape exam 18 hours later.
The new allegations come from Kate Faber's college friend Laie Weatherwax. She says that Faber has had sex with dozens of men, including several within days. She also says Faber likes it doggie style, and sometimes bleeds if the man is extra large. More of Weathermax's story can be found on

The prosecution's case depends on keeping all of this info from the jury.

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