Saturday, September 07, 2002

There is a new book about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the US atom bomb project during WWII. It claims to have found a smoking gun proving that was a secret member of the Communist Party. Oppenheimer was the left-wing poster boy for the evils of McCarthyism. It will be interesting to see if the leftists still defend him. The NY Times says, "The new book asserts that Oppenheimer was a member not only of the party but of a secret cell at the University of California that helped set policy and write party literature."

Here are 1954 documents on the decision to revoke Oppenheimer's security clearance. There was a strong case against him then, although no proof that was a Communist. More documents are here.

Gumma writes: "Of couse Oppenheimer was a Communist. Whether he was a "card carrying" Communist is rather irrelevant. He had a wife, brother, mistress and other associates who were real Communists. Lots of new info incriminates him."

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