Saturday, September 14, 2002

Andy writes:

Ashcroft deserves kudos for apparently postponing the indictment of IL gov. Ryan until he leaves office. Local press interrogated US Atty in Chicago about this, and he refused to answer.

Jeb Bush shot himself in the foot by running ads against McBride, in an effort to help Reno. Repubs were imitiating Calif. Gov. Davis' ads against Riordan, which presumably helped Simon in the Repub. primary. But politics is not symmetric! Dems can get away with sex scandals while Repubs cannot. Likewise, Dems can get away with interfering with Repub. primaries but Repubs cannot do likewise in Dem. primaries. Bush helped McBride, and may soon have a real fight on his hands as a result.

United Way's website pretends that only 10/1400 local chapters ban giving to the Boy Scouts.
You can bet that many, perhaps all, chapters are being pressured to do likewise. United Way feigns apology over the decisions, claiming it cannot control its local chapters.

In fact, however, nearly 50 local chapters have stopped giving to the Boy Scouts, and it is a growing list. United Way of Morris County is an example not included in the national United Way list.

But United Way of Morris County just announced that it suffered about a 10% drop in non-9/11 donations this past year, even though United Ways on average increased in donations.

Davis is extremely unpopular in Califonia, and started going negative with nasty and dishonest ads about 6 months ago. Simon does not appear capable of getting anyone excited about himself, and he refuses to take a stand on any tough issues. Simon's best chance is to vigorously attack Davis.

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