Thursday, September 12, 2002

eMoo reports that Sen. Feinstein was embarrassed to wear a US flag pin in Europe. Well, I am embarrassed to have Feinstein as my senator. She says the main problem is that the US might attack Iraq while leaving the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" unresolved. That conflict might still be unresolved in 500 years.

Kathryn writes:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein talked about the anti-American sentiment she found on a trip to Europe. Speaking of her practice of wearing a U.S. flag pin, Feinstein said, ``I was embarrassed to wear it.''

I am incredulous and outraged -- and I wonder how family and friends of the victims of United Flight 93, whose lives probably spared those of the Senate, feel about these cowardly words.

Save the embarrassment, Sen. Feinstein. Take the pin off. You are not worthy to wear it.

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