Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cohen is anti-nationalist because he is a Jew

Roger Cohen, NY Times Opinion Columnist writes:
Nationalism, self-pitying and aggressive, seeks to change the present ... I hate it with all my being. ...

Not least, I am a European patriot because I am a Jew.

I am a European patriot and an American patriot. I am not from one place but several. The bond that binds the West is freedom — the cry of revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic. There is no contradiction in my patriotisms. Patriotism is to nationalism as dignity is to barbarism. As nationalism equals war, so contempt for the law brings savagery.
It appears that he is not a European or an American. His primary identity is being a Jew.

He uses the word "patriot" to mean anti-nationalist. He seeks to undermine and destroy nations run by White Christians.

The column does not mention Israel, of course. He is an Israeli nationalist. He wants the Jews to have a nation, but no one else. No White Christians, anyway.

Maybe I am belaboring the obvious, but Cohen expresses mainstream Jewish Leftist news media opinions. I am just keeping track of the biases in the news.

For another typical Jewish Leftist view, another NY Times Jewish columnist, Bari Weiss, was interviewed by Joe Rogan. She also pretends to be American, but her true allegiances are to Israel. She believes Israel should be based on "blood and soil", but adamant denies that Americans should have any such national identity. She describes herself as appearing to have white skin, but she says that she does not identify as White. She identifies as a Jew, and seeks what is best for the Jewish tribe. She admits that Jewish religious beliefs, such as belief in God, mean nothing to her and her fellow secular Jews. The essential Jewish belief is advancement of the Jewish tribe, not God. She adamantly defended Israel harshly treating Palestinian Arab Moslems.

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