Friday, November 02, 2018

Trump challenges birthright citizenship

A Jewish mag writes:
President Trump’s calls to strip American-born citizens of their citizenship should chill all Americans, but it is especially disturbing to anyone with knowledge of Jewish history.

Citizenship is a profoundly Jewish issue.
No, Trump has not called for stripping anyone's citizenship. There are some Supreme Court rulings making it nearly impossible to strip citizenship, and Trump is not challenging them. He is saying that anchor babies should never get citizenship.

Saying that Jews want to flood the USA with anchor babies, refugees, and migrants is not a paranoid conspiracy theory. Just read any Jewish publication, and you will find Jews arguing that Jewish beliefs include such things. In countries other than Israel, of course. Only Jews get to immigrate to Israel.
England expelled all Jews in 1290. Many British Jews then fled to France. But that didn’t bring a permanent solution; Philip IV, known as Philip the Fair, expelled all the Jews of France in 1306.

In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship, making them subjects of the state.
I have a friend who has been kicked out of five restaurants. When he tells the story about a particular restaurant, he usually gets some sympathy. But if he says that it has happened at five restaurants, they just ask what he is doing to get kicked out.

The management at Google is supporting a walkout by employees who identify as female.

Okay, that sends a message that the female employees are not doing any work that is critical to the company anyway.

The Google incident was apparently triggered by a NY Times story revealing that a Google hiring manager flirted with an applicant at the Burning Man festival, and she complained about it two years later.

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