Friday, September 07, 2018

Norma Rae portrays whites as trash

I recommend this video about the 1979 movie Norma Rae, if you want to understand what Hollywood Jews think of white people. The movie was made by Jews, and won Oscars. Throughout the movie, it mocks white Christians as being inferior humans like blacks. Jews are morally, culturally, and intellectually superior.

You would think that reviewers would at least point out that the main messages of the movie are Jewish supremacy, and Jewish-created animosity among Christians. No, the reviewers praised the movie as telling a true story.

The true part is something about a woman urging some workers to vote to unionize. Maybe the real true story is how Jews think that they are so superior, and how they are doing something noble by putting down white Christians as white trash, and stirring up conflict between whites and blacks. Apparently it is a survival strategy for Jews to undermine white society and support Jewish cohesiveness.

Perhaps you are thinking that if Christians ran Hollywood, then they would make some movies with negative portrayals of Jews. After all, a couple of Shakespeare's plays had negative stereotypes of Jews 400 years ago.

That may be true. But as it is, I get the impression that most of the criticisms of Jews comes from non-Christians.

Meanwhile, the new movie Dragged Across Concrete has been attacked as Mel Gibson’s New Police Brutality Movie Is a Vile, Racist Right-Wing Fantasy. It has gotten some good reviews. I am not sure the cops are really portrayed as good guys. I have not seen it.

The movie was written, directed, and financed by Jews, so it could be a sneaky attempt to make whites look bad.

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Petey Pablo said...

If anything Norma Rae is a trash film like the trash White hating jews who made the film - the same jews who for thousands of years to the current could only exist and then later currently thrive in the modern age off of the same greatness of White civilization for their only means of sustenance and this is how the jew repays the only only race which would tolerate their transgressions while enriching them - that is to a point - until an inspirational man from Austria came along and exposed their efforts to destroy us with his words ringing truest today more than ever and loudly crossing boundaries from beyond the grave . We are truly living in the end of times for these are the demons that our Lord Christ Savior spoke of who will be defeated the antichrist.