Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Evolutionist complains about "cheap white eggs"

Professor Nathan Lents specializes in human evolutionary biology, and wrote 2 years ago:
The podcast is about Tal and Amir, two gay men from Israel who have a baby, actually three babies (!), through IVF with surrogacy. ...

The phrase “cheap white eggs” gets more sinister the longer you think about it. First, it implies that white eggs, and thus white people, are a premium. It also reveals that, although there is a desire for thrift, racial preferences trumps all. These aren’t ‘white cheap eggs,’ they are ‘cheap white eggs.’ The baby had to be white. Preferably cheap, but definitely white. ...

The scrutiny of the egg donor brings the story face-to-face with one of the most thorny ethical issues in reproductive medicine today: designer babies. Our society is inching closer and closer to the days when technology may allow us to select and edit the physical and even mental characteristics of our children.

The only discussion of this that we got was one question, “And why do you want your children to be tall?” Amir responds, “Well because it’s just easier!” The story then moves on. ...

However, if you don’t see the white supremacy built into the phrase “cheap white eggs,” which drew laughs from all involved in this story,” I suspect the whole thrust of my take on this story will be lost on you so maybe just move on.
Lents is mixed up. The phrase “cheap white eggs” implies that white eggs are cheap, not that they are a premium or supreme. If they were premium, they would be premium white eggs.

No, I don’t see the white supremacy built into the phrase “cheap white eggs”. Maybe "expensive white eggs" would suggest white supremacy, but being cheap does not mean supreme.

If anything, the story suggests Jewish supremacy. They live in a country that encourages Jewish immigration, Jewish culture, Jewish education, Jewish settlements, and Jewish couples having Jewish babies. The Jewish authorities have no interest in creating some sort of racial equality with non-Jews.

It is very strange for him to complain about white supremacy, when whites have very little to do with the story. It is about gay Israeli Jews making Jewish babies by exploiting non-Jews in other countries. Lents also complains that the Jews did not consider other options, that they cheat the non-Jewish women out of money, and that the podcast did not fully explore the human side. But the show explicitly explains that the gay couple spent several years trying all the options, and it goes to a lot of trouble to interview the parties involved .

Lents has written a book about how humans are just like animals. So surely he understands Jewish evolutionary strategies. Being gay would appear to be a poor strategy, but apparently the couple has 3 kids anyway.

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