Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The atheist community is dying

I have sometimes mocked leftist-atheist-evolutionists here, but the whole movement is crumbling, according to its more prominent blogger, PZ Myers:
The skeptic-atheist community broke apart when Cultural Marxism was introduced into it e.g. third wave feminism, identity politics, intersectionality. New rules for behavior and speech were introduced. This ideology even demonised the most prominent and influential atheists like Dakwins or Harris as bigoted, racist, islamophobic white males.

As a counter movement, many skeptics became fiercely anti-SJW. There the division took place.

The “Cultural Marxist” remark gives it away. This is one of those pseudoscientifically racist people who whines about white genocide. ...

One flashpoint where the differences crystallized: Rebecca Watson and Elevatorgate. You remember that — when Watson, in response to a late-night suggestion in an elevator said “Guys, don’t do that”, and ...
Now I think that Myers and many of the skeptic-atheist-humanist community have some sort of mental illness. They get trapped by crazy issues like elevatorgate, and reading their rants makes you wonder how they ever cope with ordinary life.

Elevatorgate was some story about how some guy supposedly made some mildly flirtatious comment in ordinary conversation, and some feminist wanted to make an issue out of it. All the atheist communities then spent about a year arguing about it.

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