Sunday, August 09, 2015

Intolerant people of color

Japanese American Aimee Mizuno writes an op-ed:
We must not tolerate anti-immigrant rhetoric

At the risk of giving undeserved attention to Donald Trump and the political spectacle created by his campaign, I feel compelled to respond to his racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the context of the history of scapegoating, disenfranchisement, and criminalization of immigrants in the United States. Trump’s recent comments characterizing Mexican immigrants as “criminals” and “rapists” that should be purged from the country fit a pattern of abuse that has been used not only against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, but against many groups of immigrants in the history of our country.
Trump did not say that they were all criminals. He wasn't even talking about immigrants, but illegal aliens.
The anti-immigrant spotlight was then cast on the Japanese as they became settled and gained more economic strength, particularly in California. Existing racial animosity climaxed with the start of World War II, when Japanese and Japanese-Americans on the West Coast were rounded up and incarcerated. This may be one of the most horrifying examples of the criminalization of an entire immigrant community.
She is the one criminalizing the Japanese, as they were not considered criminals at the time.
We, as people of color and their allies, have the responsibility ...

In times when racism rears its ugly head, let us, as individuals, organizations and community groups stand with our neighbors and brothers and sisters to promote a humane and accurate depiction of the groups under attack. Then, we can say that immigrants are workers, parents, children, teachers, friends, neighbors, students and activists who will not tolerate being depicted as “criminals.”
Here she is saying that non-white (who hate white people) should combine to express their intolerance for the truth about immigration.

She seems to think that it is okay for her to express her own racial hatreds as long as she is attacking white people and calling them racists.

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