Monday, March 26, 2012

Apple misleads customers

Apple news:
Apple today lost its appeal in an Italian court, after it was found to have misled consumers into shelling out for AppleCare extended warranty when it was not necessary.
I am surprised Apple does not lose more. I got a promotional email, directly from Apple, saying:
The new iPad
With the stunning Retina display. 5MP iSight camera. And ultrafast 4G LTE. Starting at $499.
No, the new iPad 3 with those features does not start at $499. You have to pay over a $100 more for the 4G LTE.

Another hidden cost is Thunderbolt. Apple computers do not come with USB 3 like everyone else, and instead have some expensive non-standard connector called Thunderbolt. Apple does not supply a cable with computers. There are now some Thunderbolt disc drives on the market, but they cost hundreds of dollars more, and none of them ships with a cable. Apparently the cables are hard to find and very expensive.

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