Sunday, March 25, 2012

Feminism unleashed hypergamy

The threat to American monogamy is not polygamy but hypergamy. That means marriage into an equal or higher caste or social group, also known as "marrying up". Evolutionary psychologists say that women have an instinctual need to mate with higher status men.

The past half-century has seen many trends contributing to the destruction of the American family. Feminism. No-fault (unilateral) divorce. Cheap and reliable contraceptives. Welfare queens. Social acceptance of loose women and single moms. Sandra Fluke lobbied for free contraceptive pills for law students, and even got a telephone call of encouragement from President Obama.

Underlying all these trends has been unleashing female hypergamy. It no longer just means marrying up; it means hooking up with alpha males. Women are attracted to wealth, status, body type, and personality, as always, but they no longer need to marry to get what they want. And the alpha males don't need to marry them either.

The alpha males who enjoy indulging female hypergamy call it "game". I am not sure if game is short for hypergamy, or if the term comes from treating seduction like a game with goals, rules, and tactics. Either way, feminists are now liberated to pursue their hypergamous ideals as long as they retain their youth and beauty, and no one calls them sluts anymore.

Some of these trends are unstoppable. But some of them are byproducts of govt policies promoted by feminists and liberals who are out to destroy the American family. Unfortunately, there is no political will to make the necessary changes. See, for examples, Roissy's plan to save marriage or his anti-alimony rant or anything else he has to say about social trends and hypergamy. His posts are outrageous and offensive, but they are also grounded in human nature and scientific research. No one is going to pay any attention to him until current social trends get a whole lot worse.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, hypergamy is allowed to coincide with feminism, which makes it more difficult for men to attain the high status needed to attract women.

Ladies, you did this to yourselves.

Anonymous said...

IMO, hypergamy has a much broader definition than even hooking up with alpha and marrying-up.

The ultimate alpha is the State. Women effectively hook-up with the State for protection and resources in the same way they'd do so with a man. So it's not about 'a guy'. It's about taking whatever they can grab.

Hypergamy can be defined as women using whatever tools available (sex, laws, extortion, emotional manipulation, lying) to get as much stuff (money, property, jewelry, social welfare, gifts, social status) as possible. Their grabbing hands grab all they can. If something they want is dangling in front of them, they will use all their tricks to get it.

The "Game" of the pickup artist is to essentially dangle shiny objects in front of women to trigger their hypergamous instinct: "He drives a Porsche, I would look better in a Porsche than a Toyota. He's okay to have sex with." ... But the Player only shows her they keys to a Porsche, or provides some other evidence that he has wealth and/or status accessible to her if she plays her cards right = has sex with him. It's just a game. The Player doesn't have millions or a fast car or a big house, he just plays it that way, and goes back to her place to have sex.

It's so easy, it's actually quite funny.

But hypergamy unleashed cannot be leashed again. Religion kept it in the bottle and other forms of cultural shaming. But now, it's out of the bag and crashing the culture into the ground near you.