Monday, February 09, 2009

State workers are whining

The SF Calif paper reports:
More than 200,000 state government employees were off the job Friday as California imposed its first furloughs in state history to save money during an unprecedented fiscal crisis. ...

Shelia Byars, 47, a hearing officer at the DMV office in Van Nuys, said she would lose $200 in pay on Friday and about $400 a month. She was among about a dozen union members who protested under drizzling skies outside the downtown Los Angeles DMV office.

"It feels like we're being punished because we chose a career in state government," she said.
Punished? Three million Americans have lost their jobs in the last year. Millions more have lost much of their life savings. Meanwhile, California state salaries have grown uncontrollably. The state is spending twice what it was spending just ten years ago. There would be no fiscal crisis if the state would just cut back to what it was spending a couple of years ago. The state employee unions are extremely greedy.

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