Monday, October 06, 2008

Supermodel confuses humans and animals

CNSNews reports:
Supermodel and Singer Mayra VerĂ³nica told during an interview at the United Service Organizations (USO) Gala Wednesday that there is a contradiction between Sen. John McCain’s and Gov. Sarah Palin’s pro-life and pro-hunting views. ...

“You know, the one thing that really gets to me, which I don’t think many people are discussing, but to me sounds like a little bit of a contradiction is being pro-life yet being pro-hunting -- unless you are assuming that animals are not alive. That’s such a huge contradiction to me on the McCain-Palin thing. It just doesn’t fit in my book,” she said.
Somebody should tell her that all of her food comes from plants and animals that were alive.

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Joseph said...

Obviously she doesn't eat anything, which might explain why supermodels are so thin.