Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The intolerant gays in California

Who is more tolerant? Those who favor same-sex marriage, or those who are opposed?

Here in California, it is the opponents who stealing and vandalizing yard signs. They are even actively singling out other groups and harassing them:
One Web site run by a Prop. 8 opponent,, identifies the name and hometown of every Mormon donor. On the Daily Kos, the nation's most popular liberal blog, there is a campaign to use that information to look into the lives of Mormons who financially support Prop. 8.
The TV ads against Prop. 8 (which affirms opposite-sex marriage) are a little strange. They do not mention gays or lesbians because the pro-gay ads have failed with focus groups. Instead they have bland statements about discrimination and they deny that all the public schools will necessarily teach same-sex marriages. They just leave me wondering -- if the same-sex marriage promoters are not trying to force homosexuality to be taught in the public schools, then what are they trying to do?

The debate in California is not over any rights or responsibilities that gays and lesbians might have. It is only over whether gays and lesbians can use the schools and other public institutions to force others to accept their lifestyle as being just like married couples. So I think that the issue of what gets taught in the schools is a completely legitimate issue.

A current "No on 8" TV ad shows Sen. Diane Feinstein saying, "it's about discrimination, and we must always say no to that." It seems obvious to me that she and the anti-8 forces want same-sex marriage to be taught in the schools. It already is taught, in my school district.

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