Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kids like McDonalds food

NewScientist reports:
Dina Borzekowski at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health in Baltimore, Maryland, US, and her colleagues asked 63 preschoolers, aged three to five, to sample two meals, each consisting of a chicken nugget, a quarter of a hamburger, french fries, two baby carrots and a small cup of milk.

Although both meals came from a local McDonalds, only one of them appeared in its original packaging. Researchers presented items from the other meal in plain wrappers, which lacked the company's distinctive logo.

In most cases children said they tasted a difference between the two meals, and they overwhelmingly preferred the McDonalds-branded foods.
So little kids can be manipulated. I'd like to see this studied with adults.

Grownups seem more irrational about food branding than kids, to me. People will think that food is good just because it is expensive, or was served in a fancy restaurant, or is marketed to those with sophisticated tastes.

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