Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Should English be the official language

I was surprised that none of the major Democrat candidates will willing to answer positively to this question:
Show of hands question: Should English be the official language of the United States?
It seems to me that the safe answer would have been to say that English is already the official language. They could still support translations into other languages when practical.

Just remember, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama say that English should not be the official language.


Anonymous said...

Wow... When I read the RationalWiki entry on you, I thought that MAYBE you weren't as much of a lunatic as it made you sound... but now I can see that it's truly the case.

Knowing that you're simply a fool using the Internet as a mouthpiece and pretending that the world gives you more than a cursory glance makes this all the more amusing to me.


Roger said...

I find it amusing to see someone brag about editing a "rational" web site, and have nothing to say besides name-calling.

You give a link to your RationalWiki page, and it just brags about sabotaging another web site.

Anonymous said...

It's hardly fair to attempt an intellectual discussion with someone with ideas such as yourself. Even though I respect your qualifications in the field of mathematics, your views above clearly demonstrate that you should STICK to mathematics and mathematics alone...