Monday, April 23, 2007

Dear Abby and Bill O'Reilly

Today's Dear Abby:
DEAR ABBY: ... I am a single mother who supports her children. I can't afford to be killed or maimed on the road. This afternoon I was behind a woman who was driving erratically. She rolled through stop signs, sped up and slowed down for no apparent reason, and switched from lane to lane. When I was finally able to safely pass her, I saw ... the woman was doing 70 miles an hour. ... Maybe your family doesn't need you alive and healthy, but my kids need me! -- CINDY IN MINNEAPOLIS
I hope Cindy stays in Minneapolis. She seems to think that her life is worth more than others, and she seems to drive like a maniac.

I just watched the O'Reilly factor on Fox News TV. It has high ratings, but I can see why some people hate it.

Sen. Chuck Schumer explained his support for the Second Amendment, and said, "Every amendment has limitations. First amendment. Pornography -- can't do it except in certain instances." Huhh? Just about the only limitation is that the models have to be over 18 years old. Then Schumer said that we should have licensing and registration of guns just like cars. In fact the gun requirements are greater than those for cars.

Then O'Reilly lectured atheist Richard Dawkins on how he is a Roman Catholic and "being humble is a Christian virtue". Neither has much humility.

O'Reilly bragged about how he refused to air the tape of Alec Baldwin chewing out his daughter. He also had two guests discussing it, but they didn't talk about how Baldwin has been stopped from seeing his own daughter. Fox News did play the tape as soon as the O'Reilly show ended. Sean Hannity compared Baldwin to a violent criminal.

O'Reilly quizzed guests about Rosie O'Donnell playing Wilma Flinstone in a cartoon movie, and made fun of her for saying that five Supreme Court justices are Catholic. He ended by saying that sixth graders were smart to watch his show, and giving a commercial plug for the companies that made his shirt and suit.

In other news, Michigan student was suspended for wearing a sticker that said 'I'm straight'. The other kids were wearing gay stickers, and I guess he was being disruptive.

Also, see how the Frisco paper reports a shopowner successfully defended himself against some armed robbers. The paper suggests that the owner is no better than the robbers.

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