Saturday, December 23, 2023

Women Control Men with Tears

SciAm reports:
Women’s tears act to reduce aggression in men who are close enough to catch a whiff of the waterworks, according to findings published in PLOS Biology and confirmed through human behavioral studies, brain imaging and molecular biology. ...

The new paper suggests that a fundamental reason why women shed emotional tears is “to convey a chemical signal that lowers aggression,” ...

To collect the tears used in the new study, the team put out a call for volunteers who cry easily. Only a few men showed up, and none was able to produce enough tears to qualify.

Just as I suspected. Men are slaves to female chemical controls.

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CFT said...

When I see a woman crying inappropriately during any kind of discussion, I simply tell her to 'put those away, I'm not buying any'.

I've noticed once you've confronted a woman trying to dominate a conversation with histrionics, they shut off remarkably quickly and the angry glares come out, which I much prefer since:

1. They're at least emotionally honest.

2. They don't cause every man within boo-hoo range to try to white-knight her out of trouble.

3. They put the woman on the spot to think rationally instead of emotionally manipulate.

For the record, I was taught to do this by a female manager who despised mind games.
I also noticed her female employees did not try these tactics on her more than once.