Sunday, December 17, 2023

Atheists Deny Free Will

Recent videos, from Freedom from Religion and CosmicSkeptic, concern free will. And to those on these videos, it is directly tied to belief in God.

Christians believe in free will. So do Orthodox Jews. But Atheists adamantly deny free will, and insist that they are preprogrammed robots.

I thought that Atheism was just a denial of Theism. Nope. Belief in Atheism comes with a whole set of other beliefs, including free will denial.

Free will is a philosophical issue, and one can believe in it or reject it. The Atheists will try to tell you that a scientific worldview requires rejecting free will. This is false. There is no compelling scientific argument against free will.

So Atheists are choosing to deny free will for other reasons. I have listened to these guys at great length, and it is hard to understand.

Update: The Freedom From Religion folks have moved into a bunch of leftist non-religion issues, such as what they call trans rights, disability rights, and voting rights. Those are euphemisms for things like letting boys compete in girls sports.

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Tammly said...

Well you can listen to me. I'm an atheist and I believe in free will!