Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Jewish power and influence

Kevin MacDonald writes:
The current situation in the United States is the result of an awesome deployment of Jewish power and influence. One must contemplate the fact that American Jews have managed to maintain unquestioned support for Israel since the 1967 war despite Israel’s seizing land and engaging in a brutal occupation of the Palestinians in the occupied territories—an apartheid occupation that will most likely end with expulsion or complete subjugation and degradation of the Palestinians. During this same period Jewish organizations in America have been a principal force—in my view the main force—for erecting a state dedicated to suppressing ethnic identification among Europeans, for encouraging massive multi-ethnic immigration into the US, and for erecting a legal system and cultural ideology that is obsessively sensitive to the complaints and interests of ethnic minorities: the culture of the Holocaust. All this is done without a whisper of double standards in the aboveground media.

The American Jewish community is well organized and lavishly funded. It has achieved a great deal of power, and it has been successful in achieving its interests. One of the great myths often promulgated by Jewish apologists is that Jews have no consensus and therefore cannot wield any real power. Yet there is in fact a great deal of consensus on broad Jewish issues, particularly in the areas of Israel and the welfare of other foreign Jewries, immigration and refugee policy, church-state separation, abortion rights, and civil liberties. Massive changes in public policy on these issues, beginning with the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s, coincide with the period of increasing Jewish power and influence in the United States. Indeed, one is hard-pressed to find any significant area where public policy conflicts with the attitudes of mainstream Jewish organizations.

If you want proof of a broad Jewish consensus, just look at how they vote.

This is all considered anti-semitic. If you read the Jewish press, the most anti-semitic things are Marjorie Taylor Greene's rant about space lasers, or some Kanye West comments.

There are Moslem Arabs who want to eradicate Jews from the Middle East, and Western leftists who support the cause. That is not anti-semitism, as the term has been come to be understood.

While I have called out Jews for their views on this blog, I want to make it clear that I am not siding with Hamas or the Palestinian Arab cause. The Palestinian Arabs are obviously unfit for self-determination.

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