Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Emmett Till Case Closed, after 66 years

Tjhe NY Times is getting more racially woke every day. Consider this: exmplae of Whites telling Blacks how to respect Mexican transsexuals:
In California, a Black college freshman from the South is telling a story about his Latino friends from home when he is interrupted by a white classmate. “We say ‘Latinx’ here,” he recalls her saying, using a term he had not heard before, “because we respect trans people.”
Or this complaint about Whites moving into a Black neighborhood, and reading books. Or this Black man feeling death looming, and he is not talking about Blacks killing Whites.

The NY Times reports today on a 1955 lynching:

The Justice Department announced on Monday that it had closed an investigation into the abduction and murder of Emmett Till, the African American teenager whose gruesome killing by two white men more than six decades ago in Mississippi helped begin the civil rights movement.

In a news release dated Dec. 6, federal officials said there was not enough evidence to pursue charges in the case, which was reopened after a historian claimed in a book that Carolyn Bryant Donham, the central witness whose account of an encounter with Emmett led to his death, had recanted the most salacious portions of her story — that he had grabbed her and made sexually suggestive remarks. ...

In a statement on Monday, the Justice Department said Mr. Tyson, despite saying he had recorded two interviews with Ms. Donham, provided just one recording to the F.B.I. that did not contain a recantation.

So it appears that the case had been kept alive by lies.

In articles about racism in America, the 1955 story of Emmett Till is often mentioned. It is almost as if one criminal act 66 years ago proves systemic racism.

There are some hot trials still going on today: Ghislaine Maxwell, Jussie Smollett, and Elizabeth Holmes. Probably all three will be guilty.

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