Sunday, November 14, 2021

Covid Vaccine was Tested on White People

The covid-19 vaccine trials were suspended because too many White people signed up to be guinea pigs.

Drug approvals take too long, and there are probably many unnecessary delays in the system. But covid-19 was an emergency, and Pres. Trump ordered rapid work on a vaccine.

NPR Radio reports:

ARONCZYK: Now, Pfizer is enormous. And they decide they don't need money from Operation Warp Speed for R&D. But the government has promised to pay them $2 billion for their shots if they work, essentially providing them with a very big incentive.

HOROWITZ-GHAZI: And then while they're doing all these trials, something happens that has a surprising effect on all this; George Floyd is murdered in Minneapolis. And the reckoning over race that follows touches everything, including the race to find a vaccine.

Dr. Francis Collins is the director of the National Institutes of Health. He's actually Dr. Fauci's boss and one of the key players in making Operation Warp Speed happen.

FRANCIS COLLINS: I was deeply moved by what had happened in our country and this just glaring example of how we have not gotten past our long and gruesome history of racism. And it was playing out daily in the presence of COVID-19.

ARONCZYK: People of color were disproportionately getting sick and dying from COVID. And at this point in time, Dr. Collins is overseeing the pharma companies that are in phase 3, that are recruiting tens of thousands of people to try out the shots. And he looks at who Moderna has been signing up.

COLLINS: They felt this enormous pressure to recruit quickly 'cause it's a public health crisis, and people are dying. And if you're trying to recruit quickly, you recruit the people who are most likely to say yes. And that tends to be white people, especially young, healthy white people.

ARONCZYK: Dr. Collins goes to Moderna's executive team, and he's like, what are you going to do about this? And he says that their response was less than satisfying.

COLLINS: I mean, it was hand-waving.


COLLINS: And this is where I got fairly directive.


COLLINS: And I made a little speech about, OK, if that's the strategy you're going to pursue, you may have a vaccine that turns out to be safe and effective for white people, but you will have failed, and we will not defend you.

HOROWITZ-GHAZI: So at this moment in the pandemic where it feels like every second matters, they pump the brakes. They don't want to go forward with the trials because, Dr. Collins says, if the people testing the vaccine don't represent the American public, the public won't trust the vaccine. Moderna then recruits more people of color.

ARONCZYK: So at this moment, you make this request to diversify the trials. What happens? Does it slow things down a little?

COLLINS: (Laughter) It, in fact, did have a modest effect of that sort.

ARONCZYK: But, Dr. Collins says, just by a week or two.

Collins thinks that it is funny that people died while he played racial games with vaccine testing.

All of the brainwashed experts now say that race is just a social construct, with no scientific or medical significance. If that is true, then there is no need to even pay attention to the race of the test pool.

Even if there are some racial differences, they would not justify delaying the vaccine. No matter how they did the testing, there would be groups who have reason to be more cautious about the vaccine.

In essence, they killed White people, because of George Floyd.

This is another way in whice the election was stolen. As the above broadcast explains, Pres. Trump bet big on rapid vaccine development, most people did not believe it was possible. The trial test results were held up until after the election.

Here is reported evidence that some of the Pfizer vaccine trial was faked. This is all the more reason the feds should have watched the scientific validity of the test, instead of the diversity politics.

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