Saturday, October 23, 2021

Putin Speaks against American Leftism

Moscow Times
Here are some quotes from his speech. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a tirade against Western values in his speech at the annual Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi late into Thursday evening.

Putin outlined his view of Russia’s ideology as a counterbalance to what he derided as cancel culture, reverse racism and the “monstrous” forcing of transgenderism onto children.

“We’re surprised to see things happening in countries that see themselves as flagships of progress… The struggle for equality and against discrimination turns into aggressive dogmatism verging on absurdity.”

“Opposing racism is a necessary and noble thing, but the new ‘culture of abolition’ turns into ‘reverse discrimination’…Here in Russia the absolute majority of our citizens don’t care what color a person’s skin is.”

“People who dare to say that men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracized… Not to mention the simply monstrous fact that children today are taught from a young age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa.”

“Let's call a spade a spade: This simply verges on crimes against humanity under the banner of progress.”

Full speech.

Too bad we do not have any leaders this sensible.


MikeAdamson said...

Did you ever think you'd see the day when you'd applaud a Russian leader's speech? It's fascinating that Putin's biggest American fan boys are conservatives. Strange days indeed.

Roger said...

Since the fall of Communism 30 years ago, Russia should not be our enemy. Putin has persecuted some political opponents, but the Biden administration has also persecuted Trump supporters.