Sunday, October 31, 2021

America -- Who We Are

Politicians often say we are a nation of immigrants, and lecture us about "who we are". That is worth examining, as we are not, and have never been, a nation of immigrants.

Reece Jones writes in the NY Times:

The truth is that the mass deportation of nonwhite people and immigration bans based on nationality, religion or race are quintessentially American. From the beginning, the United States was built on the dual foundation of open immigration for whites from Northern Europe and racial subordination and exclusion of enslaved people from Africa, Native Americans and, eventually, immigrants from other parts of the world.

In the years after the Revolutionary War, the fledgling states continued to exploit enslaved people and recruit more free white settlers from Europe. Racial exclusion was first codified in the Naturalization Act of 1790, which restricted citizenship to “any alien, being a free white person.”

So we are a nation of White people with Northern Europe ancestry, with a history of excluding the rest of the world.
“Our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually,” Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts said that year. “The ethnic mix of this country will not be upset.”

Mr. Kennedy’s pledge turned out to be wrong: The provisions of the 1965 act have led to more diverse immigration to the United States.

Yes, the pledge was a big lie to facilitate the replacement of Whites with foreign non-whites.
Although the anti-immigrant language of the Republican Party and the violence at the border today may make some Americans uncomfortable, this is exactly how America has treated nonwhite immigrants throughout its history. It is who we are.
Some people do not agree with this, and maybe think that it would have been better if American Indians ruled North America, with no White people. But nearly everything that is great about America followed from Whites and pro-White policies.

Any argument about "who we are" should come to terms with this. If you hear someone say we should let in some Third World immigrants because of who we are, the response should be that we are the opposite.

Now, Pres. Biden wants to pay reparations to illegal aliens, at $450,000 per head. The NY Times reports:

Migrant families separated at the border by the Trump administration may be eligible to each receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for the damage inflicted on them by the policy, according to several people familiar with the matter.

Some families could receive as much as $450,000 for each member who was directly affected, the sources said.

This is the most anti-American thing I have seen in a long time. American children get separated from their parents in family court every day. No one compensates them. Instead Biden is paying money to child-smuggling criminals, and thereby giving huge incentives for more dangerous child smuggling. This is an example of Biden giving more rights to criminal aliens than to law-abiding Americans.

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