Friday, February 12, 2021

Women talk too much

Time magazine reports:
The head of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee is stepping down from his job after more than a week of backlash for his sexist remarks ...

On Feb. 3, Mori, 83, said at an Olympics committee meeting that women talk too much in meetings. “If we increase the number of female board members, we have to make sure their speaking time is restricted somewhat, they have difficulty finishing, which is annoying,” he reportedly said.

Mori, who served as prime minister from 2000-2001, apologized the next day, but said that he was not considering resigning.

The article goes on to quote women saying the alleged quote was inappropriate, but of course no one gives any evidence that it is false.

Women do talk too much.

Activists recognize the importance of structural change. Fukuda’s petition calls for the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to adopt a zero tolerance policy on gender discrimination and for women to comprise 40% of all executive board committees (the Olympic committee board has 24 members, just five of whom are women).
If they abolish gender discrimination, then they would have to kill all women's events and medals.

Maybe they will kill women's sports anyway, by allowing transexuals.

The list of people getting canceled for trivialities is too long. Just this week, there is a respected NY Times reporter, and a Stars Wars movie star. And Donald Trump.

In other craziness:

"Midwives have been told to refer to 'chestfeeding' rather than 'breastfeeding' and replace the term 'mother' with 'birthing parent,'" ...

Other language changes include replacing "woman" with "woman or person" and "father" with "parent," "co-parent," or "second biological parent," depending on the circumstances, the Times reported.

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