Sunday, February 21, 2021

Trump knew that Pence was safe

The Senate impeachment trial was a big Jewish show, with most of the arguments for and against being led by Jews. It is all over now, but here is an example of Jewish thinking.

The Wash. Post reported a week ago:

Mounting evidence emerging as former president Donald Trump’s impeachment trial unfolds in the Senate this week indicates Trump may have been personally informed that Vice President Mike Pence was in physical danger during the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, just moments before denigrating him on Twitter. ...

Trump’s tweet came at 2:24 p.m. that day — only 11 minutes after live television coverage showed Pence being hustled from the Senate floor because rioters were streaming into the building one floor below. The Senate then abruptly went into recess. ...

The White House was typically immediately informed by Pence’s Secret Service detail about any significant movements involving the vice president, according to another person with knowledge of the security protocols.

So let's get this straight. Here are the facts.

1. Pence was never in any danger.

2. Trump saw on TV that Pence was not in any danger.

3. Trump was probably directly informed by Secret Service that Pence was not in any danger.

4. Wash. Post and Democrat impeachment managers describe this as evidence that Trump knew that Pence was in physical danger.

Of course there were many other lies. The Democrats argued on the Senate floor that three law enforcement officers were killed by the riots. The true number is zero.

How to explain these brazen lies? Do they think that we are really that stupid?

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