Saturday, October 17, 2020

Reasons for voting for Pres. Trump

These are the major reasons for voting for Trump. Peace. Pres. Trump has brought us 4 years of peace. Joe Biden has a long history of supporting failed wars and other foreign policy disasters. Prosperity. Trump has done more for the economy than any President since Reagan. Health. Trump has improved our health care system, and superbly managed the COVID-19 crisis. Free speech. Forces on the Left are systematically removing free speech from the internet, TV, etc. Trump is the primary opposition to these restraints. Law and order. The Democrat Party is promoting crime and riots in the city streets. Corruption. Biden used his VP authority to force Ukraine to fire a prosecutor, as demanded by a company paying his son. Democrats lied to the courts to spy on his campaign. Democrats brought bogus Russian investigations and impeachment efforts. Race relations. Biden promises to make Whites pay Blacks for slavery reparations. Trump has done more for Blacks than any recent President. America First. The American President should stick up for Americans. Courts. Trump has appointed judges who actually follow the law. All this is rather compelling, but it understates the situation. The world is being taken over by lizard people and AI bots. Donald Trump is the last honest man, fighting for a free humanity. For another view, see this Keith Olbermann video from about a week ago. He will not be satisfied with winning the election. He says Trump's supporters must be forceably removed from our society. If he gets his way, there will be a bloodbath.

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