Friday, July 24, 2020

Chicago Eugenics goes Black

This university is famous for its commitment to free speech and academic freedom, but it announces:
The Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago condemns police violence against Black people, a long-standing epidemic in American society that is finally – and painfully – being broadly recognized for what it is: an institutionalized system of brutality, intimidation, harassment and control by the state against its own citizens. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, and Tony McDade are just a few recent victims of murder by police in the context of systemic dehumanization, oppression, and discrimination that has lasted for centuries. We add our names to the growing chorus of voices saying, “Enough.”

We also support and defend the right of all who engage in nonviolent protest and civil disobedience to dismantle this entrenched and repugnant system. There can be no justification for deploying police and military violence against protesters who insistently defend the ideals of justice in our society.

We are painfully aware that genetic science has, for more than a century, played a central role in producing the ideology that supports systemic racism. By providing a “scientific” justification for the idea that some groups of people are fundamentally different or intrinsically superior to others, genetics and geneticists have rationalized and legitimated white supremacy. ... many of our field’s fundamental concepts and approaches were established for the purpose of advancing eugenics, under the assumption of extensive racial differences within a social hierarchy.
Sometimes I think that these people are White supremacists and closet eugenicists.

If they were, what would they say? They would be forced to go along with the BLM propaganda, but they would signal disingenuousness by starting with an obvious falsehood.

For example, if I were forced to endorse Joe Biden, I might say that I am voting for Biden because he was against the Iraq War. Someone can figure out that this is nonsense, because Biden was a big supporter of the war.

Here, the genetics professors say that Floyd was murdered as part of institutionalized brutality towards Blacks. This is nonsense. Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose.

Other universities are also putting out pro-BLM statements, and even announcing required courses on the subject.

Sam Harris has another podcast on genetic determinism, along with a lengthy gripe about being canceled for this sort of thing. His main points were:
The modus operandi of the Left is to deny facts, and cancel enemies.

His leftist friends believe in the Blank Slate. Or at least they say they do, and are hostile to anyone with other beliefs.

The Blank Slate is demonstrably false.

He is still getting negative feedback from interviewing Charles Murray a couple of years ago.

Anyone in a position of responsibility would get fired for telling the truth.
His guest was a psychology professor doing research on genetic influences on behavior. Even tho everything he said was backed by hard data and published in the most prestigious journals, he refuses to go on social media, respond to critics, or discuss group differences.

Harris himself is a Jewish leftist Trump-hater, altho he is really more of a convert to Buddhism.

Harris would lose his subscriber base if he were to support Trump, or to favor White supremacy. So of course he denounces Trump, and recites leftist mantras. If he were a White supremacist, he would do just what he does now.

As Harris's guest explain, the genetic influence on behavior is scientifically undeniable. It is proved by twin studies, by adoption studies, and polygenetic scoring. It is quantitative, and replicated.

The Chicago statement says that geneticists have rationalized and legitimated white supremacy with this evidence. So now they are going to pretend that police systematically murder Blacks instead.

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