Thursday, August 01, 2019

Fight against Whites is the defining issue

The Democrats are turning the USA non-white, and they have apparently decided that we have reached a turning point. They just don't need Whites anymore, and they can win by going full anti-White. All they need to do is the pick up the new non-white voters.

NY Times op-ed:
Today, there is still great ambivalence about making the fight against [White people] a defining issue in the 2020 election. ...

In every presidential election for the past 50 years, a majority of white voters have voted against the Democratic nominee, and the overwhelming majority of people of color have sided with the Democrats. ...

As people of color become a bigger portion of the voting population, the number of white votes required to win steadily shrinks. In fact, a group of think tanks released a report last year showing that if all of the country’s racial groups replicate in 2020 their voter turnout and partisan preferences of 2016 — essentially a “do-over” — the Democrats would win Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, just because of the demographic changes over the past four years.

By doubling down on racial diversity and standing strong against [White people], Democrats would align with population changes and be able to expand the electoral map by credibly contesting the key Southern and Southwestern states of North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona, among others. ...

America is getting browner by the hour, given that every single day, as of 2016 data, the United States population increases by 8,000 people and 90 percent of that growth comes from people of color. Moreover, an additional seven million teenagers of color will have turned 18 since the 2016 election. With this demographic revolution transforming the country, Democrats do not actually have to increase their level of white support

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