Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Left is inverting the natural order

Roosh V. writes:
We are now living in the last stage of a plan to invert the individual and society from natural order. The plan will be deemed a success when most human beings on the planet live inverted to their biology and nature, and come to believe that an inverted reality has always been a normal state of affairs.

The elites are performing the inversion to weaken man to such an extent that their rule will never be threatened. In effect, they are creating a permanent slave class that will be as incapable of overthrowing their masters as a herd of cows is incapable of killing the farmer who owns them, even though those cows descended from powerful bulls that could only be handled with specialized training or weapons.

1. Heterosexual sex is rape
2. Nuclear families are fascism
3. Merit is privilege
4. Pedophilia is natural
5. Beauty is ugly
6. Feminine is masculine
7. White is not right
8. Science is God
Amazon has banned some of his books. Too bad. His stuff is worth reading.

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