Friday, November 23, 2018

Left celebrates the subjugation of whites

The NY Times reports:
The graphic was splashy by the Census Bureau’s standards and it showed an unmistakable moment in America’s future: the year 2044, when white Americans were projected to fall below half the population and lose their majority status. ...

For white nationalists, it signifies a kind of doomsday clock counting down to the end of racial and cultural dominance. For progressives who seek an end to Republican power, the year points to inevitable political triumph, when they imagine voters of color will rise up and hand victories to the Democratic Party. ...

“It was conquest, our day has come,” he said of their reaction. “They wanted to overpower them with numbers. It was demographic destiny.”
If you are wondering what this means, you don't have to wait. Just visit Detroit, which went from 90% white to 10%, or California, which went from 85% white to 30%.

It is common for non-whites and non-Christians to celebrate this change, and advocate increased immigration in order to accelerate the change. Jewish publications like the NY Times regularly say that using demographics to destroy white society and culture is a good thing.

Anyone with an opposing view is denounced in the strongest terms.

The Daily Stormer trolls Jews a lot, so I don't know if they are serious about this, but they write:
And the bottom line is that the Jews are right: anything right-wing eventually leads to them being purged, pogromed, and at this point, probably just outright exterminated completely. That is what is at stake for them. They know that, I know that, anyone who knows anything knows that.
No, I don't know that, and I don't believe it. But everyone at the NY Times, Wash. Post, and CNN acts as if it is true. If Pres. Trump says anything right-wing, he is immediately compared to Hitler. They refuse to publish any right-wing views.

It is hard to find any right-wingers who have any hostility towards Jews. It is also hard to find Jews in the mainstream news media who are not aligned with policies for the extermination of white Christians.

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