Thursday, February 22, 2018

Professor dares to defend culture

Penn law prof Amy Wax writes in the WSJ:
The culture of the Plains Indians was designed for nomadic hunters, but is not suited to a First World, 21st-century environment. Nor are the single-parent, antisocial habits prevalent among some working-class whites; the anti-‘acting white’ rap culture of inner-city blacks; the anti-assimilation ideas gaining ground among some Hispanic immigrants. ...

A response published in the Daily Pennsylvanian, our school newspaper, and signed by five of my Penn Law School colleagues, charged us with the sin of praising the 1950s ...

Shortly after the op-ed appeared, I ran into a colleague I hadn’t seen for a while and asked how his summer was going. He said he’d had a terrible summer, and in saying it he looked so serious I thought someone had died. He then explained that the reason his summer had been ruined was my op-ed, and he accused me of attacking and causing damage to the university, the students and the faculty. One of my left-leaning friends at Yale Law School found this story funny—who would have guessed an op-ed could ruin someone’s summer? ...

Furthermore, the charge that a statement is “code” for something else, or a “dog whistle” of some kind — we frequently hear this charge leveled, even against people who are stating demonstrable facts — is unanswerable. It is like accusing a speaker of causing emotional injury or feelings of marginalization. Using this kind of language, which students have learned to do all too well, is intended to bring discussion and debate to a stop—to silence speech deemed unacceptable. ...

As John Stuart Mill said, “He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that.”
She also got attacked for this:
She later said in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian that she thinks Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior.

"I don't shrink from the word 'superior,'" she said. “Everyone wants to come to the countries that exemplify" these values. "Everyone wants to go to countries ruled by white Europeans.”
The word "Nazi" has become just a racial slur against white people. It doesn't really mean anything, except that the name-caller does not like whites.

Being pro-immigration or pro-diversity is just code for hating white people. Usually the proponents do not have any serious arguments, and they are embarrassed to admit that they just hate white people.

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