Monday, November 13, 2017

White self hatred is sick

This billboard got taken down, because of complaints from some white guy.

I am just wondering why he or anyone else would be offended. Why would he care? Does he think that white self hatred is normal? Does he want to promote white self hatred? Weird.

On the subject of offensive messages, the latest NY Times allegation of sexual misconduct is:
Ellen Page has become one of the latest actors to share her story of sexual harassment, accusing the director and producer Brett Ratner of suggesting crudely that another woman have sex with Ms. Page “to make her realize she’s gay.”
Ms. Page, 30, known for films including “Juno,” “Inception” and “To Rome With Love,” said in a Facebook post on Friday that when Mr. Ratner made his comment, she was 18 and had not yet come out as a lesbian. She came out in 2014.
So 12 years ago, some guy made a private comment that some lesbian actress might be a lesbian. I think that she was already playing roles suited for lesbians. That's all. He did not touch her or proposition her. Why would anyone care about this?

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