Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How Mike Pence has avoided scandal

Six months ago, the Wash. Post published this article mocking Mike Pence:
The Billy Graham Rule was soon adopted by evangelical pastors and business executives. Men in positions of influence wanted to “flee from sexual immorality” and be “above reproach” (both biblical commands), as well as abstain from “every appearance of evil.” ...

The article cites a 2002 interview with Vice President Pence — who has called himself an “evangelical Catholic” — saying that he “never eats alone with a woman other than his wife,” and that he doesn’t attend events serving alcohol unless she is with him as well. ...

The Billy Graham Rule also denies the reality of LGBT people. As a friend pointed out to me: Should a bisexual person refuse to ever be alone with anyone, full stop? ...

In this conversation, we also have to keep in mind the fact that Pence is the vice president of the United States. He is not a pastor and does not act in that capacity. How on earth can he be expected to represent half the country if he won’t eat at the same table as us?
About once a day, some well known Jewish leftist feminist Democrat has had his career sabotage by ridiculous allegations from women, published in newspapers like the Wash. Post.

I don't think anyone is making fun of Pence today. He looks like a genius.

Meanwhile, Judge Roy Moore's chief accuser has finally given a public interview, and she now tells a different story about how she met Moore. She also admits that she agreed to tell her story contingent on it being part of a coordinated attack on Moore.

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