Thursday, July 06, 2017

Why CNN threatens to dox an enemy

I posted how CNN was blackmailing a reddit poster into silence, under threat of doxing him, but I did not know why. Apparently the guy had posted details on how the big majority of CNN management and personalities are Jews.

I did not know that CNN was a Jewish network. That explains a lot.

I am not saying this is wrong. They are free to belong to any religion they want. There are Christian channels with Christian programming, and there is Al Jazeera with their view. If you watch CNN, you can expect views that are hostile to white Christians. For all I know, CNN broadcasts all these kooky Russian conspiracy theories because they perceive Russia to be a white Christian country and they hate white Christians.

CNN did threaten to dox someone for making fun of CNN, and succeeded in blackmailing the guy to remove posts about Jews on CNN.

Update: A legal expert tries to define blackmail, but cannot say whether CNN is guilty.

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